What health care system do YOU want?

During the past year, the independent, nonpartisan Citizens’ Health Care Working Group heard from thousands of Americans and formulated interim recommendations based on this public input.

You expressed your concerns, wishes, and expectations about the health care system and how you want it changed. Your Citizens’ Working Group needs to receive YOUR Comments before it prepares and sends Final Recommendations to Congress and the President. Read the Interim Recommendations and Comment on them by August 31, 2006.

Read the Interim Recommendations

readm_2New background information on the Interim Recommendations. We developed these Interim Recommendations based on input received from community meetings, public hearings, and online responses.

Comment Now on the Interim Recommendations

Your opinion matters! View one-minute video, and tell us your reactions. Help shape the Final Recommendations to the President and Congress. Use our Public Comment Center to express your opinions!

Read what others are saying about these recommendations. Are YOUR views reflected? Please comment now.

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Tell a Friend

hptell2Encourage your friends to participate; tell them to weigh in on the recommendations too. We need to hear from as many people as possible.

Congress and the President created the Working Group to listen to Americans’ answers to four vital questions and then use the responses to recommend how to make health care work for all Americans. Now is your chance to influence the deliberations of Congress and the President. You can learn about the current health care system by reading the Health Report to the American People, respond to the Health Care Poll and other questionnaires at the Public Comment Center (used as part of the basis for developing the Interim Recommendations) and, most importantly, read and comment on the recommendations.